Transitions is a community service program offered to provide emotional support, education, and practical assistance to individuals and families facing a life-limiting illness.

There is no fee or charge for these services. The program is coordinated by a licensed clinical social worker who meets with the client and family to formulate an individual plan based on their specific needs. The program utilizes caring, trained and dedicated volunteers who offer support, friendship, and respite to the clients and their families.

  • Are you or a family member experiencing a life-limiting illness?
  • Are you having difficulty getting to and from doctor appointments and treatments?
  • Are the side effects of treatment making it difficult to shop for groceries or do housework?
  • Are you or your caregiver feeling isolated or lonely?
  • Are you struggling to cope with the limitations imposed by your illness?

Many chronically ill and terminally ill individuals desperately need services but never receive them because their conditions don’t meet the strict guidelines of home health care, their conditions are not yet hospice appropriate, or they are not yet ready to select hospice care. Transitions meets these needs.