Hospice... a special kind of care

Living with advanced disease and facing limited time to live can be overwhelming to most of us. Some turn to their local Hospice program for help at this time. Hospice comfort care helps you deal with bad days at home, making you comfortable despite troubling symptoms, and accomplishing your goals in the time you have.

The Hospice benefit is available through Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans. It is a generous benefit, providing medical equipment, comfort medications, and the visits of the Hospice team. It starts when your doctor agrees that you have limited time, when you accept the comfort care approach, and when you have a willing caregiver to help at home. The hospice team can visit in your home, or other residences.

The “team” includes you, your family, your doctor, and hospice professionals. They teach your caregivers how to help with pain and other symptoms, and they support your emotional and spiritual concerns. Hospice helps you understand how to live, and how to move through the difficult transition of losing a loved one.